MUI-C inversion care

your spine's friend

The Mui-C lumbar care product is scientifically designed to regain agility and eliminate lower back pain.

The human lumbar spine consists of Lumbar L1 –  L5.

These lumbar vertebrates are critical to our health & mobility. The correct exercise to the lumbar spine will strengthen our core, give flexibility to our movements; while preventing the risk associated with lower back problems

Scientifically Designed

Tested with over 3 years

With Professionals & Patients

Enhanced Agility

Gives Mobility

Improves Flexibility

Lumbar health is important

Dr. Shara Downey

Principal Chiropractor, Palm Chiropractic Singapore

The foundation of your body and your health is your lumbar spine.

Nowadays we have seen those same problems from 60 -70 years old, down to the 30 – 40 years old. Even sometimes I dare say 25 years old.

That is scary because you have a lot of life to live.

Benefits of using the MUI-C


Regain mobility and strength to the lower back


Prevents lumbar disc herniation and Sciatica

Lose Weight

Get rid of those stubborn fats around the waist

Suitable for The elderly

  • Lumbar degeneration is an aging process.
  • Those above 60 years are advised to use the MUI-C on bed mattress surface as this will reduce the exercise impact by 35%.
  • Daily use of the MUI-C helps with bowel movements and get rid of the bloating feeling without medication.
  • The MUI-C can be used to assist bedridden elderly into a sit up position.
  • If you suffer from any medical condition, please consult your doctor before using the MUI-C

Ships overnight to ASEAN countries

Comes with one year worldwide warranty

Makes a thoughtful & caring gift

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